Officially announced Qiskit Advocates

Qiskit Advocate Applications Open — What You Should Understand From Contributions

So back year in September IBM-Q which is abbreviated from International Bussiness Machines Quantum has announced an open opportunity for any individual from any study background to become the Qiskit Advocate and being Identified to the world as Qiskit Advocate through Qiskit Advocate Program.

What is Qiskit Advocate Program?

Globally known initiative for the active members of the Qiskit Community to support and connect them with a passionate group of people in the field of Quantum Computing. This will help Qiskit Community to grow healthy. Last year more than 100 people joined Qiskit Community from 20 different countries. and this Community need more members. That’s why they open up this year and expected to open application for next year too (this is some general knowledge).

So this story is all about Contributions. If you need general knowledge about this program you can check out Junye Huang ‘s post. So get back to the topic.

What are Contributions?

People applying for Qiskit Advocate Program need at least 3 Contributions. The term “Contribution” states “taking a part in the community to help produce a better product, enhance or excel it or to market it”.

Many ways to Contribute

Textbook Chapters
Bug Reporting
Slack Support
Content about Qiskit or Qiskit Events
Awards / Other Achievement
Research / Education

Elaborating them one by one


If you’re good at writing python code you should fire up your keyboard. length doesn’t matter, what matter is your intentions to contribution or
Opening a warm matter issue or
An accepted pull request.


Making IBM-Q tutorials written or video and teach any little point of Qiskit.

IBM Q official Textbook

Textbook Chapters:

You don’t need to write
a whole chapter but
a topic does work for
you. There is a big
regarding textbook
so they usually
approve them and
then publish it.
You can take
part in it by
contacting Qiskit
Officials through website
or by visiting there
Github page.

Bug Reporting:

Being a good programmer or with little focus, you can identify minor bugs in Qiskit Opensource project. And reporting them will be beneficial.

Slack Support:

Qiskit@slack the Qiskit channel on slack is used for questioning about Qiskit, it’s components, how it works, and OMG! I encountered an error. You can solve other’s problems. Or even Question that used to fire up a conversation. That will make your points.

Content about Qiskit or Qiskit Events:

Like Videos, Blogs, Podcast, Tutorials, and Individual Qiskit Projects you can do any one of them or all of them and it will count accordingly.


If Someone accepted your answer which is tagged as “qiskit” or ”ibm-q-experience” on StackExchange.

Awards / Other Achievement:

This one is my favourite if someone won IBM Q Award or
completed all 4 challenges in IBM Quantum Challenge or
completed final project of Qiskit Global Summer School but lab work doesn’t count.

Research / Education:

Publish a research paper using Qiskit.
Teaching a course using Qiskit resource (Qiskit Textbook, tutorials, etc).


make your way and for at least 3 contributions after that do follow Junye Huang’s post’s steps. You will get selected Inshaallah.